Individual Psychotherapy

We offer individual and couple’s psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is treatment intended to address psychological functioning and to facilitate psychological well-being. Individual and couple’s psychotherapy is typically one 50-minute session per week. This is subject to change, based on client need.

Services are provided for adolescents and adults.

There are so many barriers we place between ourselves and those around us. Barriers we place within our relationships and in the way we interact with the world around us. Barriers can cause conflict in our relationships, including making new friends, keeping our current friends, and conflict in our intimate relationships. Therapy can help guide you to a better awareness of yourself and who you genuinely are.

We explore past and current trauma(s), relationship distress, and self-growth to provide a healthier psychological functioning and a healthier sense of you. There are times in life when the way we cope no longer works, leading to frustration and emotional hurt. We help you to explore those areas to free you from internal conflicts that restrict you from living the life you want and deserve.

Individual Retreat

Individual Retreat

Individual Retreat

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