Couple’s Retreat Reinvented

The Couple’s Retreat Reinvented is different in that it is tailored to the couple within their own home. At times, when you go away for a retreat, it is difficult to come back to your daily life and bring back the peace and joy you found while away. The Couple’s Retreat Reinvented happens within your own home and is facilitated by both of us.

The purpose of an in-home retreat is to help you live your lives together in the joy and peace that can be created in your home.

What to Expect

We provide initial intake sessions, which include taking the history of the couple. Then, we set out the terms of the retreat as far as what to expect. The Couple’s Retreat Reinvented are provided in 2- or 3-day increments with the recommendation being for the latter.


Couple Retreat

We ask that if you have children, they not be present during the in-home retreat. The retreat will be for the couple only, and it will be held predominantly in silence. Silence facilitates deeper contemplations and self-explorations, both individually and as a couple. The Couple’s Retreat Reinvented are conducted without the presence of technology (cell phones, TV’s, computers, etc.) and without time-pieces (clocks, watches, etc.). Writing, reading, drawing, painting, and meditation are encouraged. Silence can be overwhelming. Thus, one of us stays with you throughout the day to facilitate and walk you through the process of sitting with yourself and gaining personal insights.

The day will be mainly yours to do as you wish and to engage in inner-exploration how you see fit for you. As a couple, you can interact throughout the day without words. You will be asked to cook meals and eat together, in silence. As a couple, your in-home interactions will be observed to better understand how you function as a couple, without interruptions. These insights from the psychologists will be discussed during the couple’s sessions. After lunch, individual psychotherapy sessions will be provided, and after dinner, a session for the couple will be provided. Those sessions will be utilized to process what has come up for you as individuals and as a couple.

These sessions will progress to just couple’s sessions after lunch and dinner. Sessions are for you to gain deeper insights into strengthening your bond and connection with yourselves and one another.


You, as an individual, can only provide half of the relationship. Although you may want to put in more, it can be difficult to accept that you can only provide 50%. The remainder is the 50% of your partner. By understanding your part and understanding your partner’s part, you can experience a more fulfilling relationship. Your relationship can be re-invented through the insights developed.

The motivation behind this couple’s retreat was through our marriage to one another. Through our training and life-journeys, we have focused on in-depth understanding and growth within themselves and as a couple. This comes from the following age-old wisdom – in order to help and guide others, one must follow and walk their own path. Both of us participated in individual silent retreats and retreats as a couple. Through those processes, we learned that a deeper level of consciousness and connection can occur through being together in silence and allowing insights to grow.


$2100 for two days with overnight stay

$3200 for three days with overnight stay


Per day or hourly rate

$1000 per day for 10 hour day 


the house call rate of $200 per hour (plus driving time) for less than a day

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