Couple’s Retreat Reawakened

Have you ever thought that there could be “more” to your relationship? The Couple’s Retreat Reawakened provides an opportunity to build your relationship through the guidance of two licensed clinical psychologists. Dr. Huff and Dr. Reyes Castillo have focused their work on helping other’s obtain a conscious relationship.

Not sure of what consciousness means? Think of it this way – it simply means heightened awareness that encourages stronger connections. Obtaining consciousness with another is likened to creating a separate “third,” which is the entity of your relationship. This process can bring a stronger bond, increased fluidity, and mutuality within intuition.

You may have heard or read about going on one’s own inner journey, of finding who you genuinely are, and living an authentic life. The Couple’s Retreat Reawakened focuses on the journey taken as a couple, increasing the level of intimacy and closeness between two people. The obtainment of consciousness within your relationship can build new heights for what it means to truly connect with another person. It can bring vibrant, positive, loving energy and connection. The Couple’s Retreat Reawakened focuses on the journeys we must take within ourselves and in our relationship to have the life we have long desired. Our couple’s retreats are meant to act in pursuit of consciousness.

Couple Therapy

The Couple’s Retreat Reawakened has a structured schedule, including discussion, activities, and periods of reflective silence. The daily schedule for each retreat changes depending on the time frame at the retreat centers (check-in and check-out). We strongly encourage you to allow yourself to be silent throughout the retreat and without technology (no phones, television, computer, etc.). Silence brings greater awareness. The times of reflection will be guided with various instructions, including writing, meditating, reflecting on various topics, etc.

Retreat prices are all-inclusive. The typical rate is $3000 per couple fees may vary based on retreat center and length of stay. This includes room and board (meals). Couples can be at any stage within their relationship to attend, from dating through marriage. Retreats are LGBT friendly.

Check out our events page for upcoming retreats. Retreats are typically held once or twice per month throughout the states of Connecticut and New York. If you or couples you know are interested in establishing a retreat, we can adapt our structure to meet your needs. Call us for more information and to see how we can best suit your needs.

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